Nerd Nite Special Event! What the hell is a carbon tax?

What the hell is a carbon tax?

Every so often we like to shake things up at Nerd Nite and when you get an opportunity like this, you go for it! This iteration of Nerd Nite is going to be a little different but, like always, fun, educational, and a little tipsy.

Australia’s election looms large and one of the key issues is climate change; particularly the oft bandied about “carbon tax.” Many of Australia’s (and the world’s) top economists advocate for it. But why? Afterall,  it’s just a big tax that will hit the average Aussie’s electricity bill. Isn’t it? With the election only a few days later, there’s never been a better time to attend an event like this.

Run in 16 countries, for more than 4000 people, the CarbonGame™ is a not just about understanding what a carbon tax is, but rather experiencing it. Set in the fictitious and energy-hungry nation of Tasland, over two hours you will furiously trade carbon on a simulated market and guide your company to victory under the Tasland emissions trading scheme. By the end you will have a practical understanding of the ins-and-outs of carbon taxes, emissions trading and carbon pricing mechanisms. Plus, you will have had a hell of a lot of fun.

When: Thursday, 23 June 2016 (7:30pm for 8pm)
Where: The Union Club (122 Baylis Street, Wagga)
$10 in advance, includes a free drink
$10 at the door (no free drink)
*18+ event, no minors

Tickets available here!

Adrian Ward has over a decade of experience as a climate policy expert in both the private and public sectors. He is a member of the Global Change Institute’s expert advisory panel, Director of the University of Queensland’s Carbonlab, a Wentworth Scholar and Director of the Australian Centre for Sustainability Studies and Training. He has delivered carbon and energy management projects in Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Chile, Malaysia, Italy, the Philippines and New Zealand.         

Ammar Abdul Aziz was previously engaged in the capital markets of Malaysia as a Fund Manager. In 2006, he made a major decision to utilize his financial and economics background and heed the nation’s call to participate in agriculture and became a farmer. His passion for farming, risk management and the multi-dimensional issues of sustainability has led him to pursue a research higher degree with UQ. He is currently working on the financial and economic outcomes in managing natural assets in the context of carbon markets for Malaysia and around the world.

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