Nerd Nite #4

We asked and you said you wanted more. Before we say hello to summer there’ll be ore more Nerd Nite, the final one of the season! And for all of you who have said you’re busy on Thursday nights, we have a special surprise for you. Nerd Nite is breaking with tradition is rollin into the Union on a Tuesday. As always the formula is simple; three nerdy talks and a few drinks.

When: Tuesday, 24 November 2015 (7:30pm for 8pm)
Where: The Union Club (122 Baylis Street, Wagga)
$10 in advance, includes a free drink
$10 at the door (no free drink)
*18+ event, no minors


One Health: Vets don’t just fix puppies
Zachary Lederhose

When you think about health you probably think about doctors and hospitals, but there’s a lot more that impacts personal health than that. One Health is all about the interaction between animals, humans, and the environment. Covering things such as climate change, rabies, food security, and antibiotic resistance. Using real examples, we’ll talk about how vets might be ‘real doctors’ after all.

BIO: After spending too long watching cat videos on the internet, Zach went along to vet school and soon realised that cute animals were just the tip of the iceberg. He has travelled doing veterinary work in India, Pakistan, and Papua New Guinea which has revealed the impact that working at the human-animal intersection can have on global health.

The Accidental Farmers
Louise Freckelton

A sociology lecturer and a university administrator leave inner city Sydney and walk into 820 acres of bush and farm-land with no farming experience, a pair of elastic sided boots each and some fancy binoculars, and… It might be the start of one of those jokes, but no, this is for real. Hear what the first three years of a serious Tree Change has been like for these innocents.

BIO: Born in the wrong place, Louise Freckelton, once a competent and qualified administrator at universities far and wide has run away to the bush with her partner in life. With absolutely no qualifications behind them — except a PhD in Politics degrees in Mandarin Chinese and a Masters in international education — they run a sheep farm and conserve one of Australia’s endangered habitats.

Exploitation and Enslavement: A Story of Social Media
Tim Klapdor

The dream of the World Wide Web was an open distributed network. Social media companies have perverted that. These companies sell themselves as enablers of human connection but do so while becoming increasingly centralised and enclosed. They have created vast containers into which we pour our lives into. They control and manipulate these containers that contain our personal identities, our data, our habits, and our dreams, then sell it to the highest bidder. Let’s dig into what’s actually happening with social media and its agenda to exploit and enslave us. **may contain whiffs of Marxism**.

BIO: Tim has a long history designing, developing and working in the online environment and is currently the Online Learning Technology Leader at Charles Sturt University. With a background in graphic design and digital media he’s a vocal advocate and a critic of digital technology and its role in our lives, especially in education.


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